Goldkrone Town

an olden city in a modern world

The Town of Goldkrone
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Princess Tutu AU Roleplay
Goldkrone Stadt (a Princess Tutu AU RPG)


This LJ comm represents the town of Goldkrone, a world of Princess Tutu AU characters rendered as its own RPG. Goldkrone Stadt is German for Gold Crown Town, which is a hopefully obvious reference to the original material. :P

This RPG starts in the middle of its plotline; to read the backstory of the characters, check out schuchternprinz's profile for a good (but not comprehensive) overview. However, if you're interested, more in-depth backstory discussion can be found at the OOC comm.


If you'd like further backstory/plot info and/or you're interested in participating in some way, here are the options of contact:
LJ PM: tomoyoichijouji, schuchternprinz
AIM: TomoyoIchijouji
YIM: tomoyo_ichijouji
email: tomoyoichijouji at hotmail[dot]com

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Plot and other Goldkrone-related discussions between muns as well as additional information (and sometimes random crack) can be found here.
An unconnected musebox where the characters from this place may show up for the muns to practice their muses on various ideas. :3 Stuff happening here is not applicable to the main game/plot.

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