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Here comes a confused (and troubled...?) Supes!

[[Mytho finds himself coming to in the middle of the day on the sidewalk, feeling a bit sore as he realizes that he's not in bed anymore.]]

Wh-what?! What happened?! Wasn't I inside? I...honestly thought I just went to long have I been...?

[[He sits up, glancing around. Suddenly, he gets a strange sense of familiarity. A familiarity he hasn't felt in months...]] this Goldkrone? Is this...home?

[[But the strangest, and perhaps most troubling, thing was: even if that were the case, he still felt an uneasiness -- and a subtle, but deep, sadness.]]

After all this time...yet I...

[[ooc: ...Doh. Didn't mean for this to come out angsty ^^;; But it kinda sets up the next possible bit with Prue and Quacky cookie-time? XD]]
Tags: 01.akt [reunions], ahiru, mytho
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