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Crest of Goldkrone

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I kind of miss this universe...

Crest of Goldkrone
[[Mytho finds himself coming to in the middle of the day on the sidewalk, feeling a bit sore as he realizes that he's not in bed anymore.]]

Wh-what?! What happened?! Wasn't I inside? I...honestly thought I just went to sleep...how long have I been...?

[[He sits up, glancing around. Suddenly, he gets a strange sense of familiarity. A familiarity he hasn't felt in months...]]

...Is...is this Goldkrone? Is this...home?

[[But the strangest, and perhaps most troubling, thing was: even if that were the case, he still felt an uneasiness -- and a subtle, but deep, sadness.]]

After all this time...yet I...

[[ooc: ...Doh. Didn't mean for this to come out angsty ^^;; But it kinda sets up the next possible bit with Prue and Quacky cookie-time? XD]]

Crest of Goldkrone

And we're off!

[[There is a pile of clothing on one of the streets in Goldkrone.

This pile of clothing seems to be about the size to fit an adolescent girl.

And for some reason, it's moving.

After a moment of the cloth shifting, the small, feathery head of a yellow duck peeks woozily from the pile.]]


[[Ahiru blinks sleepily at her surroundings for a moment. ... And then she abruptly realizes a few things.

She's in Goldkrone again. She isn't wearing her clothes. And she's a duck.]]


[[And the yellow duck, for those watching, suddenly appears to have a nightmarish spasm and start flailing around in the middle of the street. ... Totally normal. Really.]]

[[ooc: ... not sure about the tagging mechanisms of the RP yet, so leaving it blank for now. Feel free to edit later, Tomoyo~.

ANYWAY YES IT'S OUR FIRST POST. ... I feel kind of special. <<]]

Crest of Goldkrone